Monday, March 29, 2010

Speaker For The Dead

I just finished Speaker For The Dead. This was in Orson Scott Card's commentary at the end, and I love it.

"...and when it comes time for the speaking for the dead… he is not a saint, not a sinner, simply an honest man. That’s what I think all of us would like at some point in our lives, is to be seen truly and wholly for what we are. I could face the criticism if the person could also see the good things in my life. Likewise, I wouldn’t feel guilty about somebody praising me for the good things if I knew that I was receiving that praise from somebody who also knew the bad."

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Calling

I've been serving as the temple committee chairman and an elders quorum teacher for a few months. A co-chair was recently called, and we're really getting things together to help our ward do family history and temple work.

This morning I had a voicemail from the stake executive secretary... no way... that's weird. I called him on the way to ward council, and he asked me to stop by the stake offices after ward council. So I did, and I met with President Sterret (who I had seen a couple nights earlier at the screening of the "Pimp This Bum" documentary). He extended a call for me to serve as my ward's executive secretary. I laughed because it was so unexpected and amusing that I'd be called to that calling again. I told him about my OCD and how hard it was to stay OUT of the bishop's office when I was executive secretary before, because I always felt compelled to confess something. Anyway, I accepted, and he said I'd probably be called and sustained within a couple of weeks.

So... after our temple and family history class, I told Wendy (my co-chair) that I had received a new calling, so I wouldn't be the temple guy much longer. In sacrament meeting, I saw Paul (the executive secretary) and told him I had a feeling he was getting released. He made a gesture like he was lifting something heavy off of his shoulders and placing it on mine. I laughed, and then something he said made me realize he was expecting to be released immediately. I said, "Wait, this isn't happening today, is it?" He said, "Oh you bet it is!"

He was right. He was released, I was sustained. After church I was set apart, and then I got paperwork and instructions from Paul, and he stuck around to help facilitate the comings and goings of the bishop's interviewees.

So... I'm now the executive secretary. I'm also the temple committee chair and an elder's quorum teacher, but I'm guessing I'll be released from those callings before long.

Definitely didn't expect this when I woke up this morning!