Monday, March 29, 2010

Speaker For The Dead

I just finished Speaker For The Dead. This was in Orson Scott Card's commentary at the end, and I love it.

"...and when it comes time for the speaking for the dead… he is not a saint, not a sinner, simply an honest man. That’s what I think all of us would like at some point in our lives, is to be seen truly and wholly for what we are. I could face the criticism if the person could also see the good things in my life. Likewise, I wouldn’t feel guilty about somebody praising me for the good things if I knew that I was receiving that praise from somebody who also knew the bad."


  1. I like that so much. And I find that the friends I value the most love and accept me for the good and the bad. Not sugar coated. And often with laughter.

  2. So you liked the book? I wonder if I would like reading it. I need to read Ender's Shadow first.

  3. I like the quote. Thanks for sharing it.