Monday, April 26, 2010

Quadruple Birthday & New YSA Stake

It's been a big weekend preceded by a big week! Mina was born on Thursday, adding to the plethora of April birthdays.

Apr. 22 - Mina's birthday
Apr. 23 - LeSueurs' anniversary (congratulations!!)
Apr. 24 - Heidi's birthday
Apr. 25 - My birthday
Apr. 26 - Scott's birthday

After a couple fun days in Ogden with the Powelsons and Mom, I met Heidi in south Salt Lake for her brother's baseball game on Friday. He hit a homerun at his first at bat! He's 14 and hit a 380 ft. home run. A runner was on 3rd, so 2 runs scored. At his next at bat, he got a double with 2 RBI's. The guy is a total stud, and it was fun to be there with Heidi and her youngest brother, Brian. Heidi's parents and her little sister Brynn showed up in the middle of the game and were bummed to have missed the homerun, but we still had fun. Heidi and I were singing old TV show theme songs and commercial jingles, like "Zac, Zac, he's a lego maniac!" Hahaha! It was so fun! So... that was Friday.

Saturday (Heidi's birthday) we went to a spin class at Gold's Gym with Heidi's best friend, Kristy. Then Heidi went to arrange my birthday present (details to come...) while Kristy followed me home to help arrange Heidi's birthday. :) Around noon, Heidi and I left to Salt Lake to help set up a silent auction for a charity group her cousin works with. I met some of her cousins and watched a bit of amazing Heidiness at work, and gained a little confidence in my own decorating abilities. After helping there for a few hours, we went to the "Secret Garden" - Heidi's second favorite place on earth (#1 is her family's cabin). The "Secret Garden" is what Heidi calls the grounds of a very unique church building next door to her grandparents' house in Salt Lake. The building used to be a mansion, and the back yard really is like a secret garden, with a pond, ducks, a stream with waterfalls, flowers, grass, trees, stone walls with barred windows, etc. Really, really cool place. Then we drove north for a while and found a park where we could set up my hammock. We relaxed in the hammock for about an hour, and then I said I needed to change my shoes (due to shin splints) before we went to our next activity (which was a mystery to Heidi).

Well... I really DID have some shin pain, but the change of shoes was just an excuse to get her to my house, where Kristy and her husband Quinn (and his brother) had decorated my living room for a surprise birthday party! I endured some harsh BYU-bashing in the midst of red and white streamers. UGH. Actually, I realized again how much I really do love BYU. I consciously started thinking about something else so I could easily ignore the jabs, because I was outnumbered and alone! Haha... anyway, Heidi was very unsuspecting and surprised, so it was a lot of fun. Kristy and I had both played up the fact that I had stolen Heidi's birthday and Kristy didn't get to be a part of it. I was apologetic, and Kristy was a little upset... heeheehee. Heidi had no idea Kristy was in the plans all along! We ate some Wendy's that Kristy & Quinn had picked up, including Heidi's favorite apple pecan chicken salad, and Kristy made a "cake" out of a pile of packs of gum in a cake pan! It was great. Heidi doesn't really eat desserts, and she LOVES gum. Kristy put a good-smelling candle on top, and Heidi made a wish and blew it out. Then we all had a piece of "cake." :) And then we watched "What Happens in Vegas," which is one of Heidi's favorite movies that she's been wanting to show me. It's hilarious! After the movie, Kristy, Quinn, and Quinn's brother went home and Heidi and I had a couple hours to just relax and reflect on an amazing day!

The next day was Sunday, my birthday. I went to church a bit early because the bishop had appointments. It was a pretty normal day, with a really spiritually inspiring sacrament meeting. One of my friends, who is one of the most sincere, humble people I have ever met, had a hard time getting through the sacrament prayer because he was emotional. I know from conversations with him, as well as a testimony he bore in a testimony meeting, that he really, really loves and leans on the Savior. His heartfelt sacrament prayer was such an impactful start to sacrament meeting. Then Michael Kidman spoke - he's leaving on a service mission, and he has worked hard to prepare for it. His talk was so sincere and simple, and his testimony was so powerful! Then Scott Bell and Chelsea Bingham sang a duet (the song that starts "I've never been the kind to testify..."). Then a high councilor spoke, and his talk was really good, too. I sat next to Darren Griffin... I love that guy. I just felt so grateful to be in my ward, and I texted Heidi "I love my ward! There are so many great people here!" It was such a great Sunday, including a "linger longer" with sloppy joes. :)

After church I facebooked, emailed, caught up on Heidi's "Songs of the day," :) and researched Hawaii Pacific University until Scott came over. We went and picked up Heidi and went to the "historic" and overly-speculated meeting at the Ogden Tabernacle. The historic event, for which this area is serving as the pilot area for the church, is as follows:

1) There will no longer be any distinction between "student" and "non-student" singles wards or stakes. There are only "YSA" wards and stakes. Student status doesn't matter. [This was not a big change... this distinction has been de-emphasized to the point that I honestly was not even aware of it... I was in a student ward and stake, and I'm not a student].
2) Young married wards have been dissolved. Married couples attend the residential ward for their area.
3) YSA's who do not live at home are automatically part of a singles ward. They do not attend a residential (family) ward. YSA's who live at home should counsel with their parents and decide whether to attend their family's ward or the YSA ward.
4) Boundaries should be clarified and enforced. [This is a big change... people around here tend to "shop" for a ward they like, regardless of boundaries. About 60% of my ward (well, former ward) lives outside the boundaries].

In accordance with these changes, the two Ogden University stakes were dissolved, and two new YSA stakes were organized, with new boundaries. For me, this is big news for 3 reasons:

1) I am no longer in the 13th ward, which is where I have met 99% of my Ogden friends.
2) Since I am no longer in the 13th ward, I am no longer the executive secretary, temple committee chairman, or an elders quorum instructor.
3) :) :) :) :) :) Harrison Blvd. used to the boundary for my ward. Now the boundary takes a turn at 28th street, which puts me BARELY in the same ward as Heidi!!! I'll include a map if I can figure out how... there! The blue is me, the red is Heidi, and the green is the new ward boundary. Does it seem perfectly tailored just for us, or what???

So... I love my ward, and I'll miss it. But as I was sitting in that meeting with Heidi, I just kept thinking how much I loved sitting in a church meeting with her. Holding her hand, her head occasionally on my shoulder, and listening to her sing the hymns... I loved it so much! And then we find out we'll be in the same ward, effective immediately. :) AWESOME!

After the meeting in the tabernacle, we went to Heidi's house. By this time it had leaked that Heidi had planned a surprise party for Scott and I. I saw blue streamers in her house (Kristy at work again) when we picked her up for the meeting, and then she stopped trying to keep it a secret. :) She had invited a ton of my friends from my ward, and we had so much fun playing "Celebrity," a game that Scott often gets started when we have a group together. When Scott proposed that we play a game, I said, "On two conditions. I want to play a competitive game, and I want to be on your team." He approved of my conditions, and we won 36-31. It was a really, really fun party, and my amazing girlfriend planned it all and crowded her house with strangers for me!... and Scott.

Heidi gave me the coolest birthday present! It's a "running survival kit," including GU gel (an energy/electrolyte boost for long workouts), transformer band-aids (hahaha), Nike Fit-Dry socks, and the highlight: A Mizuno quickdry running shirt that she customized into a jersey that says "Fairbourn" with the number 27, and "CC" on the sleeve for "co-captain" - a title we have given each other. I. LOVE. IT!!!!! The socks and the running shirt are both things that I have thought would be really cool to have, but I'd never spend my own money on them. Those are THE BEST kind of gifts!! I'm excited to wear the shirt for running as well as biking.

After people funneled out of Heidi's house, she took me home and hung out at my house for a little while before we called it a night.

What an incredibly amazing weekend! Now it's Monday, Scott's birthday, and for our last 13th ward FHE we're having a surprise birthday party for the bishop, which I'm guessing will turn into a joint party for Scott and the Bishop, since today is Scott's birthday. So... three surprise birthday parties in as many days. Wow!

Before FHE, Heidi and I are going to go jogging to calibrate our new Nike+ sensors (that was my gift to her, along with a book with pictures of stained glass). I still need to hook mine up and see if my old iPod Nano is Nano enough to work with the wireless receiver I got with my Nike+. If it doesn't work, I'll just sell it.

So... that's the latest in my world. Life is so good!


  1. It sounds like you're having an amazing time. Glad you had a great birthday! See ya Saturday.. or Friday..

  2. My goodness, even the general authorities are working on keeping you and Heidi together! Changing the ward boundaries just for the two of you seems a little excessive, but I guess it will work out okay!

  3. Seriously Mom! (Now if they'd just call you and Dad on a mission to Houston.) And while we're talking seriously...sounds like you guys had some serious birthday fun.

  4. Wow, catching my've been moving fast! Fun times! You are really geared up for The Main Event, May 1!

  5. Totally awesome celebrations! And I am cracking up that now you and Heidi will be in the same ward---how's that for a bonus??!!